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That’s where we come in! Club Leaf aligns customer concerns with business interests and enables both to take responsibility equally and proportionally. We’ll prove that a commitment to climate action is mutually beneficial. Everybody wins, but most of all the earth. Although we accept offsetting as a necessary step to compensate for currently unavoidable emissions, our ambitions stretch far beyond. Stick around, we can’t wait to reveal our plans for a carbon-neutral future.

It's not enough!

We agree, in more ways than one. The daunting urgency of the climate crisis can make our actions feel futile. But that’s no reason to admit defeat. We love the principle of collective action: together, we can make a dent. But we also recognise that maybe too much of climate accountability rests on individual shoulders. Just imagine your commitment to climate action matched by, say, your supermarket. That's collective action multiplied. Now we're talking real impact.

Club Leaf aligns customer concerns with business interests, uniting both in a commitment to combat climate change by funding the most effective sustainability projects.

Call us sappy, but...

We want to leave the earth a little greener than we found it. That’s why we founded Club Leaf. We’ve been working tirelessly to forge alliances with science-driven verification and environmental partners as well as clients in the retail industry. Meanwhile, we’ve secured substantial funding. We are in an unparalleled position to make a splash when we launch in Autumn 2021. 

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Club Leaf's Commitment

Environmental projects

We don't just support any project. With our strategic partner Vertis we perform a rigorous assessment to ensure our projects are the most effective. All projects are verified via Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

Where it counts

At Club Leaf we fund projects that help restore and preserve ecosystems, encourage transition to more renewable energy use and green innovation while supporting local communities.

Global goals

Additionally, we make sure that the projects we support align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. That means sustainability far beyond just the climate.

Turning a new leaf on the climate crisis

Club Leaf will offset 1 million tonnes of CO2e in our first year alone. Imagine driving your car around the world 150.000 times. That’s how much that is. And it’s just the beginning; the future is carbon neutral.



Earn leaf points every time you engage in low-carbon activities and complete in-app missions.



Get rewarded with leaf points for every eligible transaction from our partners.



Buy leaf points to support environmental projects.

Ways to earn Leaf

It’s easy to go carbon neutral with Club Leaf.

Life cycle assesment

With the help of our verification partners, we deliver a rigorous analysis of your product’s or service's entire life cycle in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.

Offsetting your product

We select the environmental project that is best suited to offset your product and just to be sure, we offset your emissions twice. That way, we guarantee a climate positive impact.

Communicate your commitment

We enable you to make carbon neutrality a core part of your product and service communication. Share your commitment to climate action with your customers for improved engagement.

Club Leaf and your business

We can make any product or service carbon neutral and empower you to share your commitment to climate action with your customers

Measure your carbon footprint.

Club Leaf gives you insight into your actual carbon footprint by presenting you with a few simple questions about your day-to-day choices. We appreciate that you carry a reusable bag! Thanks for walking and cycling when you can! Hurrah for turning off the tap while you brush!

Offset your carbon footprint

Each Leaf corresponds to real-life offset value. You’ll support projects which our science and verification partners have assessed and proven to most effectively remove emissions from our environment.

Reduce your carbon footprint

But let’s see if there is something you hadn’t thought of already. Club Leaf will inspire you to take everyday climate action with personalised tips and tricks from our Green Hacks Checklist. Commit and start earning Leaf!

Track your climate impact

Our app will show you the real impact your individual actions coupled with your Leaf offsets make. Share your achievements with your community, and we’ll celebrate every milestone with you!





What Club Leaf can do for you

You can be carbon neutral in 4 easy steps

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