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Want to help create a carbon neutral future? You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to offset 1 billion kg of CO2e together.

Together we can combat climate change

So how does it work?

Help create a better world in three simple steps.


Measure your footprint

Everyone’s carbon footprint is different, depending on their lifestyle. Understand yours with our easy-to-use carbon calculator. 


Reduce your emissions

Once you understand where your emissions come from, you can do something to reduce them. Our Green Tips will help you make small yet significant changes to live more sustainably.


Support our projects

By earning and purchasing Leaf points, you can offset your emissions with the very best accredited climate projects on your way to becoming carbon neutral.

And most importantly

Track your impact and see how you’re making a difference by following the unbe-Leaf-able projects we support!


Download the app to protect, restore and build with us!

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Land projects

Halt biodiversity loss and restore ecosystems

Energy projects

Support the transition to clean and affordable renewable energy

Community projects

Provide sustainable solutions for better livelihoods

Building a better world leaf by leaf

Our climate strategy is based on three core principles  

  • Protect what we have 

  • Restore what we can 

  • Build a more sustainable future together

By funding the world’s leading carbon offset projects, we're able to help protect and restore our planet's ecosystems, promote renewable energy innovation and improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities around the world.

Our impact goal for 2022 is to offset 

1 billion 

Kilograms of CO2e

Taking more than 200,000

vehicles off the road for one year

Growing more than 16,000,000

tree seedlings for a decade

 Switching more than 35,000,000

lightbulbs to LEDs

That’s a big number.
Want to know how big? Well, it's equivalent to:

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency 

Who are we?

We’re a group of tech-savvy changemakers with a shared passion for people and the planet. And for kicking climate change’s ass.  


Team Club Leaf has a unique blend of expertise and experience. We’ve worked for governments, NGOs, international organizations, and corporations large and small. 


In short. We mean business.

Ready to make a difference?

Get started today

Imagine if we could all make a big difference in combating climate change by making small changes in our daily lives. 


With Club Leaf, you can.