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We believe that climate action should be easy, simple and that we do it together

At Club Leaf we get that the choice isn’t about doing everything or nothing at all. It’s about all of us doing something. And kicking climate change’s ass together.

Our vision

Our vision is to inspire and empower millions of people to go carbon neutral and to give climate change a kicking

Our mission

Our mission is to connect people with the most impactful environmental projects in the world


Where does my money go?

We invest at least 75% of our revenues directly in our projects and are always transparent about what we do with every cent, euro, dollar or pound we receive.


The rest? We use it to pay our passionate team, develop our platforms, such as this website you’re reading, and last but not least, identify amazing new projects to help people and the planet.

We make it easy for you simpler to take climate action and to see your impact. 


Government pledges only cover 7% of the 50% reductions we need to limit global warming to 1.5˚C. Forests are still being chopped down, sea levels are rising, and we’re on the brink of losing our coral reefs. The scorching summer of 2022 will soon be our coolest. With people today already feeling the effects of climate change, we can’t keep pointing at each other to find a solution. And don’t even get us started on our eco-anxiety 😅

The problem

We’re not moving fast, smart or together enough tocombat the climate crisis

The solution is already here. It’s us! You, me, and everyone. Consumers have a primary influence over 27% of the reductions we need by 2030, and indirectly over the rest. That’s huge! Club Leaf’s mission is to harness the power of collective action for positive impact. We’re here to make it easy to take climate action every day.

The opportunity

Harness the power of collective action for positive climate impact

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