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Let's give

climate change

a kicking!

Download our app to start fighting climate change today!

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Know your climate impact

Everyone’s carbon footprint is different. Understand and calculate your carbon footprint with our quick and easy-to-use carbon footprint calculator.

Start taking climate action today

Good news! There’s lots of fun ways to reduce your climate impact with our Green Tips

Collect Points 
to support projects

Go carbon neutral and support our amazing climate projects across the world by earning and purchasing Leaf Points. Our climate projects benefit the planet, biodiversity and local communities.


Ready to make a difference for the climate?
Get started today

Let's get started


Support climate action by taking three simple steps

Land projects

Halt biodiversity loss and restore ecosystems

Energy projects

Supporting the transition to renewable energy

Community projects

Provide sustainable solutions for better livelihoods

Reversing climate change is serious stuff.
That's why we've got a serious strategy:


  • Protect what we have 

  • Restore what we can 

  • Build a more sustainable future together

By funding the world’s leading carbon offset projects, we're able to help protect and restore our planet's ecosystems,

promote renewable energy innovation and improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities around the world.

Our impact goal in 2022:

 to build a business that doesn’t need to exist in 2050*

Taking more than 200,000

vehicles off the road for one year

Growing more than 16,000,000

tree seedlings for a decade

 Switching more than 35,000,000

lightbulbs to LEDs

*That means the climate crisis has been solved or avoided, 
which will require halving global emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050.
Don’t worry about us… we could do with a rest by then 😉 

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency 

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The idea that we all need to chip in to protect and restore the planet is great; the tips are quite useful as well.

Take climate action today!

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Really loved the idea that you can combine both offsetting your footprint and doing some actionable tips

Great idea

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Great concept in a well-designed and user-friendly app. I find the green tips insightful and easy. Keep it up!

Best in class climate app

via AppStore

I like that the app is getting more and more interactive as it grows. Glad to see all the projects are certified by VCS and Gold Standard!

Beautiful app

via AppStore

Super cool that with Club Leaf you can become carbon neutral by offseting the emissions!

I'm carbon neutral!


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