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By delivering creative solutions that engage your business, customers and employees, we help you meet your sustainability goals.

Empowering companies and consumers to take climate action together

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How Club Leaf can work for your business

We help companies to get insight on their environmental footprint while engaging their customers to reduce emissions by supporting nature-based environmental projects. The result? Customers feel inspired and empowered. Our corporate partners get to showcase their sustainability work. And we’re one step closer to a greener planet.

We help by:


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Our climate manifesto

We want to make a real difference for a better planet. And we mean business.

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Measuring emissions

We help you measure your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions so that you better understand your company’s impact and where to focus your actions. What’s more, our progressive, lifestyle- based carbon footprint calculator gets customers and teams informed, involved and inspired.

Creating a climate action plan

We design climate action plans that map unique corporate and customer journeys around sustainability. We then connect your business goals with climate action, nature-based conservation and restoration efforts through our innovative app and web-based solutions.

Taking action, together

We help businesses reduce and compensate for their hard-to-avoid emissions in unique and engaging ways such as converting loyalty currencies into climate action, providing custom designed customer campaigns and personalized green tips, and white-labelling our capabilities to enhance your digital ecosystem.

Tracking your impact

We help you to track your real time impact on the climate projects you support through tools such as our custom-made climate impact dashboards. Communicate your climate impact directly with your teams, customers and partners in a transparent and engaging way.

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