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Did you know that citizens have primary influence over 25-27% of the CO2 savings needed by 2030. And indirectly over the rest? That’s huuuuuge!

Club Leaf’s One Week Challenge is the guide you need, to start making small changes that make a big difference. 

Perfection is overrated - join our

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The guide to change your life for the planet 🌍

Andre Welz

This guide is a must read for anyone wanting to participate in climate action (in a really fun way). I will be recommending the guide to everyone I know!

Must read!

Alexandra Truong

We all have the power to make a real difference. I love how this guide makes climate action incredibly fun!

Make a real difference

Anna Holm

I'm actually in the sustainability field and am learning things I didn't know. Digestible, engaging, and inspiring!

Very inspiring!

Liam Patterson

A must have in the eco collection!



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Measuring emissions

Our strategy? It’s quite simple. 

We protect what we have, restore what we can and build a more sustainable future together. 
By funding the world’s leading carbon offset projects, we're able to help protect and restore our planet's ecosystems, promote renewable energy innovation and improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities around the world!

Quite cool, right? The best thing is that you can be part of it! 

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Creating a climate action plan

Because the solution is already here. It’s us! You, me, and everyone. Consumers have a primary influence over 27% of the reductions we need by 2030, and indirectly over the rest. That’s huge! Club Leaf’s mission is to harness the power of collective action for positive impact. We’re here to make it easy to take climate action every day.

Start fighting climate change with us today!

At Club Leaf, we exist to help save the planet… but we know it’s difficult. And sometimes the most sustainable way isn’t an option. We get it. We’re struggling too. But by making small conscious choices every day, we will get there – together!


Get a free copy now!

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