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Bondhu Chula Cookstove Project

Ashulia, Bangladesh

Less than one in five households in Bangladesh have access to a clean cookstove and have to burn wood and other biomass on traditional open fire stoves, which releases harmful smoke and pollutants. This puts women and children at particular risk due to the roles they play in preparing meals. 

Bondhu Chula Cookstove Project helps local communities by installing clean cookstoves. This not only reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but also helps promote new employment opportunities for local people and means households require less fuel, which in turn reduces deforestation.

A single Bondhu Chula cookstove saves over 1 ton of woody biomass per year, which equates to an annual reduction of approximately 1.7 tons of GHG carbon dioxide. In the next 5 years, 6 million Bondhu Chula will be installed under the project, which will reduce at least 22 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next decade. 

The target

"Reduce 22 million tons of CO2e over the next 10 years"

UN Sustainability Goals

Ensure healthy lives and wellbeing

Ensure access to energy for all

Protect, restore and promote life on land

Project location

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