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Here are some of the questions we’re asked a lot. 


What's Club Leaf?

Our favorite question 😀!  Putting it simply, Club Leaf is a carbon offsetting app. By using Club Leaf, you can measure your carbon footprint. You can then reduce your footprint with our Green Tips and Challenges. And you can offset your remaining emissions by supporting the very best accredited climate projects around the world.  But we’re also far more than an app alone. We’re a global community of people that believe in the collective power of individuals to make the world a better place!

Who are we?

We’re the tech-savvy climate advocates behind the Club Leaf app (and the Club Leaf Community). A global team based in the Netherlands, we’re dedicated to inspiring and empowering people around the world to combat climate change - and that together, we can make a difference. We’re all deeply concerned about the effects of climate change on people and the planet, but we haven’t given up the fight. And we mean business. 

What's the Club Leaf app?

The Club Leaf app is an easy-to-use mobile application that helps you to get on your way to becoming carbon neutral. It’s easy! Just download the app, measure your carbon footprint, reduce your emissions using our Green Tips and Challenges, and support our un-be-Leafable accredited climate offset projects. Join us!

What's carbon neutral?

Carbon neutral is when there is a balance between the amount of carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere and the amount of carbon that is absorbed from the atmosphere (stored in the oceans, soil, and forests). To create a carbon neutral world, it’s essential that we reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon storage (also known as ‘sequestration’).

What's a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of emissions that result from our actions. This is calculated on a yearly basis.. In other words, a carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from an individual, organisation or product, expressed as kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent. You’ll see this in the Club Leaf app expressed as kg/CO2e.  While it’s impossible to reduce your emissions to zero overnight, if we all make small changes, we can make a huge difference together. Download our app and get started today!

How does Club Leaf measure my carbon footprint?

Our unique carbon calculator is quick and easy to use. By answering a short set of questions you get a picture of your carbon footprint based on scientifically proven data. This helps you better understand which of your activities consume most resources and helps us provide you with the right suggestions to reduce your carbon footprint and help combat climate change. 

What's Club Leaf's vision and mission?

Our vision is to inspire and empower people around the world to live a carbon neutral life and show that collective action can have a big impact in combating climate change. Our mission is to partner with the world’s most impactful environmental projects.

What's the story behind Club Leaf?

Our founders Roelien Ruys and Aron Löcsei first met at university at a time when everyone was watching Friends and playing snakes on their not very smart phones. Fast forward two decades and the friends are today leading a profit-for-purpose company that is quite literally helping people save snakes (and all things people and planet) on their smartphones! Here’s their story.  After graduating, Roelien and Aron both enjoyed successful careers in business in their respective fields [in the UK, the Netherlands and beyond], advising companies on how to innovate and grow. But something was missing. As passionate environmentalists and parents, both wanted to use their experience and expertise in a different setting to make the world a better place today and for future generations. They searched for a solution and searched some more. But they could not find one, so decided to make their own.  Their goal? To create a platform that would enable people around the world to make a small difference individually, and a massive difference collectively, in combating climate change.  With a lot of beLeaf, backing from investors, and a crack force team that shared their passion, Club Leaf and the Club Leaf Community was born.  With much more to come, the Club Leaf story has just begun. 

Are you a non-profit?

No, we’re a profit-for-purpose organization. We have big plans and being a charity would, for instance, limit our ability to access investment from large financial backers. This would in turn hamper our ability to grow quickly and reach sufficient scale to have a truly global impact. What’s more, our many decades’ shared experience in the corporate world has taught us that the best way to encourage companies to protect the world, rather than destroy, is by incentivizing them. 

How do you use my money to help combat climate change?

As a profit-for-purpose organization, we are proud to be open about how, where and when we invest every cent, euro, dollar and pound of your money.  75% of our funds go directly to funding the best environmental projects that help to protect and restore the world’s ecosystems and promote renewable energy innovation. All of our projects contribute to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals by improving the livelihoods of local communities. We are guided by the very latest scientific research, and only select the most effective projects in combating climate change. What’s more, each and every one of our projects is verified by the highest voluntary carbon offsetting standard. The remaining 25% of our funds cover everything else. We use it to pay our talented team, develop our platforms, such as this website you’re reading, and last but not least, find amazing new projects for you to support! We take being open and transparent about our finances very seriously. If you’re interested, we’ll be publishing our progress on this website every quarter so you can see exactly how and where we’re using our funds.

What we do

What's carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting sounds complicated, but is actually quite simple. Many human activities like driving a car and industrial activities like running a factory emit harmful carbon and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. These emissions can be compensated against by avoiding, reducing or capturing carbon and greenhouse gases elsewhere. A carbon offset credit is used to represent this emissions reduction, with 1 credit being equal to 1 metric ton of carbon, or the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases. This is expressed as CO2e. The voluntary carbon offset market enables many different groups including individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations to offset their emissions.

Why do we use offsetting?

It’s not easy to reduce your carbon footprint completely to zero - that’s why our Club Leaf app enables you to offset your remaining carbon emissions - making a positive difference to the environment when our emissions can’t be avoided.  By funding the world’s leading carbon offset projects, we’re able to help protect and restore the world’s ecosystems, promote renewable energy innovation and improve livelihoods of vulnerable communities. 

Why do we offset instead of just planting trees?

We love trees. And we love supporting projects that help to plant thousands of hectares of them too. But combating climate change is about far more than just reforestation projects alone. Supporting a whole range of projects that generate carbon offsets allows us to use the most effective combination of solutions. Carbon offsetting helps to fund projects that avoid further carbon being released into the atmosphere - such as renewable energy projects that replace fossil fuel sources, and peatland conservation that keeps carbon in the ground. They also help to reduce further emissions, such as through efficient cookstoves projects. Ecosystem-based projects, such as planting trees, help to capture carbon that is already in the atmosphere. While trees are not counted in offsetting until they have been growing for at least 10 years (as it takes time before they are big enough to capture large volumes of carbon dioxide), in that time they’re still doing their bit!

How do we choose projects?

We choose our projects based on need and effectiveness. All contribute to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals by improving the livelihoods of local communities. We are guided by the very latest scientific research, and only select the most effective projects in combating climate change. What’s more, each and every one of our projects is verified by the highest voluntary carbon offsetting standard, for people and the planet. Our projects must meet a strict set of criteria:

  • They must use solutions that are highly effective in combating climate change as supported by the latest scientific knowledge. This could be by avoiding or reducing further emissions, or capturing carbon currently in the atmosphere, such as through the solutions researched by Project Drawdown.
  • We do not support projects that are  controversial or politically sensitive. 
Our portfolio is structured around projects that include both short- and long- term benefits, that avoid, reduce or store emissions, and that benefit both people and the planet. These three areas are land, energy and community-based projects

Do you support other projects than carbon offsetting projects?

Yes! While offsetting is really important, it’s not the only solution to climate change. That’s why we’re also passionate supporters of projects that don’t provide credits, but do have a positive impact in other ways.  We promote these local projects on our website and on the Club Leaf app so that the Club Leaf Community can learn more about them - and perhaps even help out in person! 

Joining the Club

What do I get by being a Club Leaf member?

With a Club Leaf membership, you can: 

  • Measure your footprint
  • Reduce your emissions with our Green Tips and take part in our Green Challenges
  • Offset 50%, 70% or 100% of your monthly carbon footprint by choosing to purchase Leaf points. 
  • And most importantly: support the very best accredited climate projects around the world

What are Leaf points?

A Leaf point a fractional representation of a Voluntary Emission Credit (Carbon Credit). Each project we support issues carbon credits that are the equivalent of 1 ton of CO2e compensated. We turn these credits into 1000 Leaf points, so each Leaf represents 1 kg of CO2e compensated. As we fund different projects, each of which with a different carbon credit price point, our average Leaf point price is based on the average cost across projects.

How can I collect Leaf points?

There are three ways in which you can collect Leaf points: 

  • You can purchase them. 
  • You can complete Green Tips and Green Challenges 
  • You can invite friends, colleagues and family  

Can I gift Leaf points?

Absolutely! Gifting Leaf points is a great way to inspire other people to join the movement to combat climate change and show that you care. You can do this by gifting the amount of Leaf points of your choice. These are equal to offsetting a specific amount of kgCO2e and supporting our unbeleafable projects. Check out our current projects here.

For how long will I be able to use my Leaf points?

Leaf points are directly converted to funding our selected environmental projects, and as such do not have an expiry date. When collecting Leaf points, all your points end up supporting great causes regardless of if you manage to reach your monthly goals. All this information is visible in your unique user overview in the app. After 12 months you can see whether you’ve reached your yearly target. 

Do I have the right to withdraw my purchased Leaf point?

If you change your mind about purchasing Leaf, you have the right to withdraw from purchase within 14 days of the transaction. To do so, please send an email to

What should I do if there is a problem with the app?

While we love bugs and all sorts of creepy crawlies, we hate any sort of bugs in our app. If you experience any problems at all, please get in touch with us at Please tell us: 

  • The version of the app you were using when the error occurred 
  • The model of smartphone you use 
  • If possible, include a screenshot to show what went wrong 
Oh, and just like any app, please check your internet connection first! 

How can I get in touch?

We love to hear from our fellow climate enthusiasts! Drop us an email at: And don’t forget to like and follow us on social media! The bigger the Club Leaf Community, the bigger the impact we have together.

How do you protect my personal data?

We aim to carefully and safely use your personal data in line with applicable privacy rules and regulations. In our Privacy Statement you can read more about who we are, what types of personal data we collect about you, how and for which purposes we process your personal data, and how you can exercise your privacy rights. We also describe the measures we take to protect the security of your personal data, how you can contact us about our privacy practices and all other information that may be relevant to you.

Can I update my payment information?

Yes, of course! It’s easy to update your payment information in our app. Simply go to ‘settings’ and tap on ‘subscription’. Here you can see all your payment details and update them when you want. 

What happens if I delete my account?

First of all, we would be very sorry to see you go! If you decide to leave Club Leaf, we will remove and permanently delete your account and personal data from our database. None of your great work to offset your carbon footprint would, however, be lost. If you reached your monthly targets, it means you contributed to combating climate change. And  nothing can change that! 

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Send us an email at