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3 ways to do sustainable gifts this Christmas

Updated: Feb 15

It’s the holiday season! Which means it’s the season of gifting. Having a more sustainable festive season doesn’t need to cost you the Earth (or more stress) - so we have some simple sustainable gift solutions for you to help you on your way!

green gifts for Christmas
sustainable gifts for Christmas

Wrapping paper

Give sustainable wrapping paper a go. In the United States, an additional five million tons of waste is generated over Christmas, four million of which is wrapping paper and shopping bags! Wrapping paper often contains plastic, glitter or foil that cannot be recycled. This year you can make a difference by giving one of these alternatives a go!

  • Check to see if your wrapping paper is re-usable, recyclable and compostable, like those made by Wrappily.

  • You can also try out fabric wrapping (called Furoshiki) using a nice scarf or fabric that can be re-used many times!

  • Why not go for good old-fashioned newspaper, brown paper or even old maps?

  • Avoid the tape: we challenge you to wrap without any tape! (Yes there’s a wikihow for that 😉) or use string.

Sustainable gift brands

Support sustainable brands and buy local. From an eco-toothbrush like Boom Brush to a @4ocean bracelet, there are countless sustainable brands out there with fantastic presents for this holiday season. What’s more local than something you’ve made or grown yourself? You can also gift baked goods and potted plants.

Sustainable gift ideas: Have you ever thought about buying second hand gifts, non-physical gifts, or re-gift stuff you already own?

  • We know consumerism is a big challenge for the planet, and instead of buying something new, you can also purchase something second hand and be circular! There are many shops where you can buy perfect second-hand items these days. From clothing to books, you name it. In addition, you will be surprised about the quality of the items you can get in these stores.

  • Secondly, you can decide to gift an experience to someone. Think about writing a personal letter, a meal at a local plant-based café, doing a cooking class together or a weekend away to the nearest national park to get your nature fix!

  • Lastly, re-gifting is also a perfect way to make this holiday season sustainable. Do you have things that you don’t use anymore but are in perfect condition? Try re-gifting! We’re sure you’ll make someone happy with that cosy jumper you’re not wearing that often 😉. Books are also great for regifting!

Wanna do more climate action this season? check out our blog on how to have a more sustainable Christmas. Don't forget to download the Club Leaf app to receive green tips on your phone.

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