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Calculate my carbon footprint

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Calculating your carbon footprint is an essential step to understand where your carbon emissions are coming from. In the Club Leaf app we’ve made it simple for you to calculate your carbon footprint and also start reducing it.

carbon footprint app
carbon footprint calculator

Carbon footprint categories

The carbon footprint calculator in the app consists of several categories that show where your carbon emissions are generated; diet, transport, home, shopping, and travel. A certain value for CO2 - also called an emission factor - is assigned to each question which estimates your carbon emissions in that specific category depending on your answer. After answering all the questions in our carbon footprint calculator, you get a number that indicates your yearly total carbon emissions.

The carbon calculator is simple to answer and takes no time to fill in, which makes it the perfect tool for starting your journey in tackling climate change.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The next step is to reduce your carbon footprint by taking the right sustainable daily actions. We have created a library of Green Tips in the app that can inspire you to get started! The beautiful thing? You don’t have to make huge changes to make an impact! Change can be made with small actions such as eating more plant-based meals, using refurbished products instead of new electronic devices, and drying your clothes outside instead of using the tumble dryer - just to name a few.

Average carbon footprint

Calculating your carbon footprint and reducing it afterwards is absolutely essential in tackling climate change. The global average carbon footprint is currently around 4 tons per person, but to avoid global temperatures rising by 2 degrees we have to reduce our global carbon footprint to 2 tons per person by the year 2050! Quite a challenge considering that the average footprint in the Netherlands is around 8 tons!

So, are you ready to tackle climate change? Calculate your carbon footprint in the Club Leaf app and start reducing your emissions! Click here to download.

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