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Carbon footprint and CO2 tracker apps you should have in your phone

Updated: Feb 13

Understanding how much and where your carbon emissions are coming from is a crucial step to reducing your energy consumption and approaching a carbon neutral life. Read on to discover five sustainability apps you need to have in your phone for tracking your carbon footprint 👣

apps to install on your phone to track carbon footprint
Carbon footprint apps to install on your phone

The global average carbon footprint is currently around 4 tons CO2e per person, but to avoid global temperatures rising by 2 degrees we have to reduce our global carbon footprint to 2 tons CO2e per person by the year 2050. Now here’s five free apps to help you calculate and reduce your carbon footprint and reach that goal 👍🏼

UN Carbon Footprint Calculator

UN Carbon footprint calculator is an uncomplicated calculator that takes into account transport and lifestyle and adjusts it for the country where users live. It's definitely a good way of getting a decent understanding of your carbon footprint from week-to-week, hence the start of an eco friendly life.

Club Leaf

Club Leaf empowers communities to support climate action by taking three simple steps. As everyone’s carbon footprint is different, users will first measure their personal impact using an easy-to-use calculator. Next, users will be given lots of fun ways to reduce their climate impact. And finally, Club Leaf will help users go carbon neutral by supporting amazing climate projects across the world.


MyEarth is a sustainability app that tracks users' energy usage and savings. The app has a diary format where users can choose day-to-day activities to track carbon footprint. The app provides five categories: electricity, recycling, travel, food, and usage. The goal of the app is to help users identify, understand and prioritize energy-saving activities, and take small steps that can make a broader impact.

Earth Hero

Earth Hero empowers users to take positive practical action in response to the climate emergency. It connects users to a global movement rising to the interconnected crises of climate change and rapid species loss. Its eco friendly app allows users to track and measure your carbon footprint and has around 100 personalized actions under several categories to choose from. User can set green goals and share actions with other users.

Paw Print

Pawprint engages the work environment with climate targets and it helps businesses take action and demonstrate progress they are making on environmental issues. The app gives feedback ideas on sustainability initiatives. Both employers and the employees are able to track actions and share it with each other. Paw Print helps users make climate-friendly choices and produce less carbon footprint.

Need more suggestion? Discover 10 more apps that help you to understand and act on your carbon footprint emission.

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