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🌍 Club Leaf Climate Corner: Better Planet Strategy

Updated: Feb 20

We’re building a business that doesn’t need to exist in 2050

Yup, you heard that right!

Club Leaf is all about harnessing the power of millions of people on one platform, with better, smarter action where it matters, to help us move faster to achieve the impact we need for a better planet. We don’t want to have to exist in 2050 - but right now, we need everything and everyone.

So why do you have to exist right now?

We’re not moving fast, smart or together enough to combat the climate crisis. Climate action is all doom and gloom and we’re flipping the narrative. From complexity to simple and easy actions. From abstract benefits to tangible impact. From pointing at each other to act, to harness the power of everyone, everywhere.

That’s where Club Leaf comes in

Club Leaf is a platform that combines the power of collective action and leverages it as a force for impactful change.

Our vision is to inspire and empower everyone around the world to live a more sustainable life. We want to show that collective action can have a big impact in tackling the climate crisis.

Our mission is to enable the Club Leaf Community to partner with the world’s most impactful environmental projects.

Wanna know more about:

  • Who we are?

  • How we’ll make a difference?

  • Why collective action will have impact?

  • How we carefully screen and select our projects?

  • Our goals?

Great! Download the Club Leaf Better Planet Strategy today and tell us what you think 😎

And download the Club Leaf app if you have not!

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