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Club Leaf Product Update: Now available in seven EU countries

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

We are on a mission to enable Club Leaf app users to go carbon neutral and to support land, energy and community projects around the globe. These projects help avoid, reduce and remove CO2 from the atmosphere and support more biodiversity and better livelihoods. Our carbon footprint app plays an important role in this. Read on to learn more about our most recent updates ✨

Club Leaf carbon calculator app
Easy to use carbon calculator app

Calculate your carbon footprint

Users in seven EU countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg and Netherlands) are now able to calculate their personal carbon footprint and compare it against our shared 2030 target as well as the global average footprint per person. Our easy-to-use carbon footprint calculator will ask you seven short questions within different categories - food, getting around, housing and energy consumption. And, within seconds, you will discover their personal carbon footprint, which is calculated in kg CO2e.

User feedback

Based on our user feedback, we’ve included metaphors to make kg/CO2e comparisons more tangible. For example, what would 4500kg CO2e look like in terms of driving a diesel car (answer: 27.000 km) or in the weight of polar bears (🐻‍❄️x9!).

To make this information even more useful, we’ve linked our sustainable goals to the Paris agreement 2030 target which reminds our users that we’re working together to avoid reaching 1.5 degrees of global warming. This would mean that - amongst other things - coral reefs and insect species can survive and sea level rise is limited. Plus we’ll be working to avoid global heatwaves like we had this summer.

If you’re curious about your carbon footprint and going carbon neutral - download the app here.

Carbon calculator app
Download Club Leaf to start going carbon neutral

Green Tips

On a bi-weekly basis, our environmentalists team up with our content creators to deliver tips to help you make little changes to start living an eco-friendly life. Our Green Tips provide actionable advice in categories like food, travel and shopping. All these Green Tips can now be swiped (think Tinder-style) to see if the suggestion is a match for you. Adding Green Tips to your to-do list today and start to live greener!


We can hear you thinking: “besides calculating my carbon footprint, can I do more with Club Leaf?” Well, now you know your carbon footprint and have been an eco-friendly human by following our Green Tips, you do more by supporting amazing climate projects. Take action and choose to compensate for 50%, 100% or 200% of your carbon footprint (Yup, that’s even more than going carbon neutral!). Alternatively, you can choose to offset for as little as 1€ per month.

What’s next on our roadmap?

Our roadmap is packed. Packed with a lot of cool stuff: one, you’ll get better insights on the climate projects you support. Two, you’ll get a clear overview of how we choose these climate projects. Three, we're going to provide you with proof of offsetting. We will make taking action and offsetting a lot easier. We will continue to optimize our carbon footprint calculator and make our app available in more countries. And, worry not, as far as bugs are concerned, you can expect more speed in bug fixes. We’re working our best to help you go carbon neutral every day. Let’s go greener together 💚

Curious 😎? Download here.

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