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🔎 Club Leaf Project: closer look at Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

Updated: Feb 8

The community at Rimba Raya has been busy! Since December 2020 they’ve made progress in planting more than 55,000 mangrove seedlings. Read on to find out why mangroves are important to protect, and watch stories direct from the community on the ground.

Mangroves for coastal protection

Did you know that mangroves help to reduce coastal erosion by breaking up the power of the waves as they hit the coastline? It’s a particular problem in Indonesia where 40% of mangroves have been lost in the last 30 years, due to shrimp and fish farms. Mangroves absorb more carbon per hectare than inland forests, making them particularly important in the fight against climate change.

55,000 mangrove seedlings

Since December 2020, in collaboration with local communities (mostly fisherman) an additional 55,000 mangrove seedlings have been planted at the Rimba Raya Project. Epic! Seeds are collected from the existing mangroves and are then raised at specific nurseries, providing jobs and not damaging existing mangrove forest.

Creating jobs, protecting the environment, and re-building communities

Rimba Raya’s mangrove project is delivering 3 benefits to the local people:

  1. Short term economic benefits through jobs in growing, planting and raising the trees.

  2. Long term environmental benefits through the protection of their coastline and restoration of fish breeding grounds.

  3. Capacity building through education so the people can get a better understanding of their relationship with their environment.

Want to know more? click here to check out their video.

Did you know..

That the Rimba Raya Project we support was the first forest conservation project to achieve SD Vista standard? That basically means they are one of few projects that contribute to all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals! Daaayuumnn!

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