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🔎 Club Leaf Project: why you'll ❤️ Bondhu Chula Cookstove Project

Less than one in five households in Bangladesh has access to clean cookstoves. They have to burn wood and other biomass on traditional open fire stoves which release harmful smoke and pollutants. To tackle this issue, cookstove project ‘Bondhu Chula’ manufactures, distributes and installs fuel-efficient, health, environment, and climate-friendly stoves.

Why we support this project

  • Bondhu Chula provides and installs clean cookstoves, reducing indoor air pollution that puts women and children in particular risk due to the roles they play in preparing meals

  • These cookstoves require less (wood) fuel, which in turn reduces deforestation and maintains biodiversity

  • The project creates local jobs as it involves over 5,000 entrepreneurs in manufacturing and distribution


Reduce 22 million tons of CO2e over the next 10 years.


A single Bondhu Chula cookstove saves over 1 ton of woody biomass per year, which equates to an annual reduction of approximately 1.7 tons of GHG carbon dioxide. In the next 5 years, 6 million Bondhu Chula cookstoves will be installed under the project, which will reduce at least 22 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next decade. Check out Golden Standard to learn even more about it 💚

Project impact

With the help of Club Leaf and our members, Bondhu Chula has achieved some great results. Check this out:

🚀 3 million Bondhu Chula stoves installed

🚀 286,000,000 kg CO2e offset to date

🚀 5,000 local Bangladeshi enterpreneurs supported

Tell me more!

Bondhu Chula Cookstove Project helps women to have 5.55-6.66x reduced eye irritation compared to the women who use traditional stoves! The same women have on average 0.90-1.28x lower respiratory problems relative to women who cook using traditional stoves. Overall, findings suggest that positive and significant health-improving outcomes are associated with the use of Bondhu Chula.

Want to find out more? Check out our Bondhu Chula Project Page. Or help support it today!

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