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🔎 Club Leaf Project: why you'll ❤️ Infierno Indigenous Forest Project

Updated: Feb 13

The Infierno Indigenous Forest Project protects nearly 8,000 hectares of pristine rainforest against the rapid increase in deforestation, by working with the local indigenous community of Evio Kuiñaji Ese‘Eja. How cool is that?!

Why we support this project

  • One of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world

  • Home to a host of iconic endangered species such as the Black Caiman, Harpy Eagle and the Giant Otter

  • It promotes sustainable economic activities such as agroforestry, safeguarding indigenous culture and knowledge

  • It supports improved forest governance, and establishing key conservation areas, together with the local communities


Avoiding the emissions of 1,176,759 tons of CO2e during the first 10 years.


Did you know that the Infierno Indigenous project is training local communities in forest management? This basically mean that the project is providing the indigenous communities with capacity building to protect and maintain the forest area where they are residing.


With the help of Club Leaf and our members, Infierno Indigenous Forest Project has achieved awesome results. And they are only just starting!

🚀 7,700 hectares of forest protected 🚀 1,117,676,000 kg CO2e offset to date 🚀 1,655 hectares of forest with reduced forest-lost

Tell me more!

The conservation will provide habitats to protect 136 species of threatened animals. Additionally, the project also supports a strong control and surveillance program to monitor and report illegal logging or land invasions, and has established conservation agreements to further protect the forest ecosystem.

Want to learn more? Check out our Infierno Indigenous Forest Page, or help support it today!

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