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Eco friendly smartphones 📱

Updated: Apr 21

Did you know that smartphones generate more greenhouse gases than any other consumer electronic devices? Production of mobile phones requires a lot of natural resources and energy, which can contribute to pollution and climate change. Smartphones contain harmful substances that can be released when they're thrown away. But surely, there is a way around it. Keep reading.

The environmental impact of smartphones

sustainable mobile phones
eco friendly mobile phones

What makes smartphones not eco friendly?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, providing us with easy access to information, communication, and entertainment. However, the production and disposal of smartphones have a significant impact on the environment. The materials used to make smartphones, such as rare metals, are finite resources that require energy-intensive mining and refining processes. The manufacturing process also requires a significant amount of energy and generates a considerable amount of waste and emissions. Additionally, smartphones have a short lifespan, with users often replacing them every few years, leading to a massive amount of electronic waste. The disposal of electronic waste can pollute the environment and harm human health. Thus, the high demand for smartphones, coupled with their short lifespan and intensive manufacturing processes, make them an unsustainable product.

What can make a smartphone eco friendly?

Some smartphone manufacturers are leading the way by using eco friendly materials and processes, creating durable devices with a responsible supply chain. Plus, take-back programs for recycling and proper disposal are becoming more common. On our part, we can make a difference by choosing energy-efficient chargers. Together, we can make our tech choices more eco friendly.

Our favourite sustainable smartphone brands:

Fairphone We're excited to share our love for Fairphone, a brand that goes above and beyond in sustainability! This brand prioritize responsible sourcing of materials, repairability, and modularity to ensure long-lasting products. Plus, they partner with certified organizations and have a take-back program for proper recycling and disposal. What really sets Fairphone apart is their holistic approach to sustainability. From reducing the environmental impact of resource extraction to extending the phone's lifespan and reducing e-waste, they focus on sustainability throughout the product lifecycle. And they do it all with environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing practices. If you're looking for a phone that's both ethical and high-quality, check out Fairphone!


Shiftphones stand out for their modular design, privacy features, sustainability, good specifications, and ethical manufacturing. With an easily upgradable design, Shiftphones reduce electronic waste and provide a more cost-effective solution. Their privacy features, including hardware kill switches and open-source software, protect user data. Eco friendly materials, like recycled plastic, and biodegradable components make Shiftphones environmentally conscious. With features like high-resolution cameras, fast processors, and long-lasting batteries, Shiftphones also offer great specifications. Ethical manufacturing ensures fair labor practices and safe working conditions.

Teracube 2e

Last but not least, you can upgrade to the eco friendly Teracube 2e phone to help reduce electronic waste. With a 4-year warranty and continuous updates, this phone is built to last. Enjoy a clean Android experience, decent specs, and affordable price. Join their recycling program to give back and make a difference for the planet.

We hope you enjoyed reading about eco friendly smartphones and learned something new today! It's important to be conscious of the impact our consumer choices have on the environment, and by choosing eco friendly smartphones, we can make a positive difference. Enjoying these tips? check out the rest of our blogs on eco-friendly lifestyle tips here. And download Club Leaf to receive these tips on your phone.

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