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How to live eco friendly

Whether you’re trying to live greener to improve your health, to save some dough or to reduce your carbon footprint for the environment, every little step to live greener is a step towards the right direction. Read on to learn why it's valuable to approach eco friendly life and discover how you can start.

You don't always need to go all 100% in. Every little step to live greener counts and they start right from where you are.

Eco friendly life tip 1: Eat locally

Food production accounts for more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Eating locally minimises the environmental costs of transportation, resulting in fewer emissions. It all starts with knowing which products are in-season when you go grocery shopping. Want to know which fruits and vegetables are in season where you are? Then why not use one of the free seasonal fruit calendars online. Check out this handy guide if you’re in Europe or the Seasonal Food Guide if you’re in the United States.

Eco friendly life tip 2: Shop locally

The carbon footprint cost of delivering to your front door has skyrocketed in recent years due to the demand for same-day and instant delivery. This means couriers have to race around, delivering as fast as they can rather than grouping deliveries together. That’s a lot of carbon footprint produced! Why not get some fresh air and walk or cycle to the local shops? This way, you help foster your neighbourhood’s economic growth and keep your dough where your heart is at.

Eco friendly life tip 3: Vacation locally

The aviation industry is responsible for a massive 5% of global emissions. That's 5% of global emissions simply to get from A to B. Intercontinental flights are more expensive than national rail travel. Hence, you can use the budget you save on flights for other fun things! You may be surprised at what your own country has to offer; every country has its own unique cultural history with sites to visit being just as beautiful as those overseas.

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