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How to reduce carbon footprint

Updated: Feb 15

You can reduce your carbon footprint and start living an eco friendly life in various different ways. Whether at home, work, or while you travel, tiny changes will add up. In short, you’ll want to focus on things like eat less animal products, shop locally, travel smart, and reduce the amount of energy you use. Ready now?… set… GO GREEN!

ways to reduce your carbon footprint and carbon emission
ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Following these simple tips adds up to big savings on your carbon footprint 💪🏼

Eat less animal products

Let's start with the fact that 60% greenhouse gas emissions comes from food production😫, so here is where you can make the most impact. You won’t need to switch to a 100% plant based for a maximum eco friendly lifestyle; by reducing the amount of meat you eat or switching it up with plant-based alternatives, you can already make a massive difference. Besides reducing carbon footprint, you’ll also save money while helping save the planet, as non-meat alternatives are nearly always cheaper.

Shop locally

The carbon footprint cost of ‘last mile delivery’ to your front door has skyrocketed in recent years due to the demand for same-day and instant delivery. This means couriers have to race around, delivering as fast as they can rather than grouping deliveries together. Read more on the World Economic Forum website.

Not everyone can, of course, shop locally and home deliveries have helped to make shopping accessible to everyone. If you do decide to order online, try to choose stores that allow you to group your items together in one order or have options for eco friendly delivery by bike or electric van. Some retailers like Zalando even give the option to compensate for your emissions.

Travel smart

The aviation industry is responsible for a massive 5% of global emissions. That's 5% of global emissions simply to get from A to B. Perhaps try to live greener by picking a holiday spot you can reach by train 🚂, you may be surprised at what your own country has to offer. Every country has its own unique cultural history with sites to visit being just as beautiful as those overseas. Check out this great campaign from Deutsche Bahn to see what we mean.

Reduce energy consumption

Emissions from our homes represent around a quarter of the average carbon footprint. There are many ways to cut back on the energy you use in your home; unplug appliances when you don't use them, hang your laundry to dry instead of using a tumble dryer and lower down your home temperature by 1°C less. Sometimes tricks to reducing your carbon footprint life are literally as easy as a click of a button.

Digging these tips? Download Club Leaf to receive new ways to reduce your carbon footprint tips every two weeks. Let’s go green and together support living an eco-friendly life for our planet 😎

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