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List of eco friendly haircare products

Traditional hair care products can contain harmful chemicals that are not biodegradable and can pollute waterways, harm wildlife, and negatively impact the ecosystem. Natural, non-toxic ingredients are used in eco-friendly hair care products, which are packaged using environmentally friendly materials.

List of eco friendly haircare products
List of 5 eco friendly haircare products and brands

Eco friendly hair care products aim to reduce harm to the environment by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and reducing packaging waste. There are three most common hair care products to support your eco-friendly lifestyle:

  1. Eco friendly shampoo bars: These bars are made of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils, and come in recyclable packaging.

  2. Eco friendly conditioners and hair masks: These are made from natural ingredients like avocado oil, argan oil, and aloe vera, and packaged in biodegradable containers.

  3. Eco friendly dry shampoo: These are made with natural ingredients like rice starch and cornstarch, and come in recyclable packaging.

And when it comes to brands, here are our favorite eco friendly hair care lines:

Ivy Ivy offers a complete range of hair care products from shampoo, conditioners, styling, and care that uses natural ingredients. Their line includes treats and serums for curly, colored and damaged hair. Ivy is also the very first eco friendly Dutch hair brand with a deposit on the empty packaging. They was founded less than 10 years ago and have since grown into an elegant, sustainable and Dutch hair care brand.

Lush Lush specialize in fresh, self-preserving handmade cosmetics made with ethically and directly sourced ingredients that are 100% vegetarian as well as never being tested on animals. The LUSH eco-friendly haircare range includes solid shampoo and conditioner bars with flavours that smell like heaven, namely Jungle, Godiva, Seanik, and Big Solid, among others.

HappySoaps HappySoaps offers a plastic-free replacement for the traditional shampoo bottle. Their eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bars create a wonderfully foaming experience in no time. In addition to their usual fresh and fruity scents, they launch limited editions during the winter.

Wondr Wondr eco friendly shampoo bars are popular for making the longest hair look clean and radiant. They are gentle on hair, scalp and the planet. For those with curls, Wondr shampoo bars are especially moisturizing and contain natural ingredients, offering the care that curly hair most needs.

weDO weDO vegan hair products have been co-developed with Wella scientists in collaboration with hairdressers to bring forward eco-ethical products without compromising on quality. Beyond the idea of being eco friendly and natural, weDO wanted the brand to be as responsible and holistic as possible. They strive to achieve this by not only looking at the composition and quality of ingredients but also by looking at packaging sustainability, animal welfare, and overall human impact.

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