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List of eco friendly home cleaning products

Do you want to go green when cleaning your home? Here’s a tip: look into products that are made from natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that are safe for both the environment and human health. These are often eco friendly products designed to clean effectively without harming the planet or causing any harm to people or pets. As we become more aware of the need to be eco-friendly, so does the home cleaning industry. They have created products that are more eco-friendly and less harmful to the planet.

List of eco friendly home cleaning products
5 eco friendly home cleaning products

Ofcourse, not all products are created equally. So here, we list five of eco-friendly home cleaning products that we love because they contain less harsh chemicals and typically made from plant-based ingredients, essential oils, and other natural ingredients that are gentle yet effective in cleaning and sanitizing your home. Happy go green!

Yokuu Yokuu creates natural cleaning pearls based on healthy bacteria. They are all-purpose cleaners that come in the market with other eco-friendly cleaning ranges for bathroom, glass & mirrors, and floors. Yokuu’s unique pearls come together with a reusable spray bottle. These pearls can be dissolved by tap water. Additionally, their reusable bottle avoids plastic waste problems.

Kinfill Kinfill has an extensive line of eco-friendly cleaning products such as glass cleaner, products to mop the floor, all-purpose cleaner and a line to take care of the entire bathroom. Not only are the products nice for use, they smell delicious. The 100 percent biodegradable concentrates are made to mix with tap water at home. This is done in one of those beautiful sustainable bottles of Italian glass.

HappySoaps HappySoaps expands its body care range with powerful and natural cleaning products that are 100% plastic-free. With just one Tab and some water you can transform any plastic (spray) bottle into 750 ml of super effective and concentrated cleaning agent. What's best is that their products always last at least three times longer than traditional plastic packaging.

Marcel's Green Soap Marcel's Green Soap is the first brand in Western Europe with bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. Its all purpose cleaner can be used on everything in your home; from the kitchen sink, floor, and bathroom to your kitchen. Marcel’s Green Soaps products are free from dyes, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or acids. It's 100% natural, 99% bio-degradable and not tested on animals.

Clorox Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes are made from plant fibers that are compostable in local facilities. Clorox can clean hard surfaces like wood, granite and stainless steel. Clorox’s eco-friendly glass cleaning range and bathroom cleaning range both cleans and disinfects surfaces without causing harm to people or the planet.

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