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Live greener by changing how you travel

Updated: Feb 15

How we all get around makes a huge difference to our carbon footprints, read on to discover how you can live greener by changing how you travel.

ride bike, get hot and live an eco friendly life!
ride your bike, get hot and go green!

The transport sector is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases and air pollution. They are responsible for around a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions 🥴. Good news is, if we all make a small change to live greener here, we can make a big difference together for our planet.

Share rides

More sharing means fewer cars, which means less pollution and less carbon footprints for you. Which means people and the planet are both big winners. By sharing a car you’re also sharing the cost, and you might even make a new friend or two at the same time. In many cities you can use special HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) carpool lanes, meaning you have less risk of delay, and less time in the car. Check out BlaBlaCar, We Drive Solar or Share Now for your new eco friendly mobility option.

Take the bus

Did you know that it’s often quicker to get from A to B by bus than by car? Check out Google Maps to see just how big a difference bus lanes and not having to find a parking space can make. What’s more, public transport is often also cheaper. With apps like 9292 in the Netherlands, it couldn’t be easier to compare different modes of public transport by how long it takes and how much it costs. transport is not only good for the planet, but good for your wallet too.

Live greener, take the bike!

The list of health benefits from cycling are numerous, from increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength to decreased body fat levels and stress. What’s not to love about this green lifestyle?! Why not do all your short trips to the supermarket by bike this week, instead of the car? Not only do you get to live greener, you can also help reduce levels of toxic gases that cars on the road produce.

Check out our tips on how to live greener or download the Club Leaf app to receive more green tips on your phone 🚀

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