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Meat substitutes/Vegan meat

Updated: 1 day ago

We all know that a healthy and sustainable diet is a big part of a green lifestyle. But how can we best transition from our ‘old way of eating’ to a food pattern which is good for the planet, the animals, and ourselves?

plant-based meat
vegan meat

Let’s put first things first. We want to avoid industrial meat at all costs when transitioning towards a more sustainable diet. But what can we do instead?

Local produce

The answer to a more sustainable diet is hidden in the locality of your produce. We all want more of the locally grown vegetables that are ideally grown in our backyard. We understand that this is not possible for everyone. Therefore, we recommend going to a local farmers market in your area. The produce will be fresh, tasty, and good for your wallet! In addition, you also support the local farmers which are doing such an important job in keeping the human population in health.

Meat substitutes

To make the transition to a green lifestyle easier, you can also start your sustainable diet by trying out meat substitutes or ‘mock meat’. In the last couple years we have seen a major increase in ways to replace industrial meat with meat substitutes and mock meat. For example, tofu is a source of high protein which could easily be used instead of chicken. Also, beans are a great source of protein too, which could be added to your favourite dish instead of ground beef for instance. In addition, with all the ‘mock meats’ on the market you don’t have to stress anymore about ‘missing your good ol’ chicken filet’. These meat replacements are so ‘well-done’ ;) - that you don’t even notice that you’re actually not eating meat! Whether it’s a vegetarian burger or a vegan ‘schnitzel’, the possibilities are endless. It’s just a matter of finding your favourite replacement!

Experimenting with these substitutes and ‘mock meat’ can be exciting and tasty. So what are you waiting for? Run to the store and start your green lifestyle!


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