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Go green, save energy and save cost

Updated: Feb 15

With the rising cost of energy, these green lifestyle tips will help you to save money and save the planet. A win for everyone!

go green, save energy and save cost
tips to save cost and energy

5 tips to live a green lifestyle, save energy and save the planet

Tip 1: Turn down the heat

Did you know that by turning down your thermostat by just 1˚C, you can save around 28 kg CO2e per month? That’s almost 340 kg CO2e per year – equal to driving 2000 kilometers from Amsterdam to Seville in Spain! And, according to the International Energy Agency of the EU, it could help cut around 70 from your annual energy bill per ˚C.

Tip 2: Change your lightbulbs

Switching your old incandescent light bulbs to LEDs can reduce your household carbon emissions by up to 40 kg per year! According to the Energy Saving Trust, LEDs use around 70-80% less electricity and last almost 10 times longer. With lighting making up 11% of household electricity use - this means you’ll be saving money too - around €70 a year.

Tip 3: Draft-proof your home

Go green by checking your letter box and windows for drafts! These sneaky spots are probably letting heat escape your house. Use a candle to identify where you’re losing heat, and fix them up with draught strips or a letterbox flap. This can save you around €140 per year.

Tip 4: Switch off your appliances

Believe it or not, your appliances use energy when they are on standby - up to €75 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust. To make it easier to turn them off when you’re not using them, use a power strip to turn them all off in one go! If you’re looking for new appliances, go for those with better energy labels like A+++ as they will be more energy efficient.

Tip 5: Take a four-minute shower.

Save water, money and the planet with this green lifestyle tip. By showering just for 4 minutes you could potentially save more than 100 on your energy bill, and more than 70 on your water bill. And that means less CO2! Why not challenge yourself to a shorter shower with our 3-minute shower playlist? Going green doesn’t have to be boring 😉

There are many more things you can do to go green and save energy - stay tuned for more blogs! Want to stay in the loop? Download our app and check out our green tips.

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