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Eco friendly alternatives to disposable diapers 👶🏻

Updated: Mar 25

Did you know that In North America alone, we dump over 30 billion disposable diapers a year into landfills every year?! You might be wondering ‘why is that a problem, isn’t pooping a natural thing’? Yes, it is natural. However, the way we treat our diapers isn’t!

go green alternatives to disposable diapers
eco friendly alternative to disposable diapers

The eco friendly diaper approach

Well, first of all, these diapers are equal to 90,000 tons of polypropylene plastic, which is made from petroleum a non-renewable energy-source. This polypropylene plastic eventually ends up in landfills, where it cannot biodegrade because of its material properties. Also, the wood pulp in those diapers represents approximately 250.000 trees! Imagine what a waste that is, all these trees could have sequestered carbon but instead are being used for diaper production. Is there any way we can go green on this particular poop-show?

The eco friendly alternatives

Did you know there are eco friendly diapers? They are made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, cotton, and plant-based fibers supporting all parents to go green. These materials are better biodegradable and compostable, reducing their impact on the environment. This also means they are free from harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, phthalates, and fragrances, which protects damage to babies' sensitive skin. Lastly, the production of eco friendly diapers is also less water and energy intensive, which further reduces the carbon footprint of this product and helps conserve natural resources.

Our favourite eco friendly diaper brand!

We love Bambino Mio! Why? These eco friendly pro-go green diapers are made with the planet in mind. That's because their diapers can be reused and have innovative design features! They also have won numerous awards such as the Mother & Baby Awards, and the Loved By Parents Awards! On top of that, they are also a B Corp certified! We love companies like these that not only produce great products, but also tackle social issues and change the status-quo.

We hope to have given you some information on why disposable diapers are unsustainable and what the eco friendly alternatives are to tackle different climate issues. We even suggested a fantastic sustainable diaper brand, Bambino Mio, which could be a great gift to a pregnant friend!

Do you want more eco friendly and go green tips? Then do check out our blog collection here. Do you want it on your phone too? Then download Club Leaf today ☑️💚

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