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Eco friendly beauty products 💄

Did you know that beauty packaging alone amounts up to 120 billion units each year? Yes, beauty and skincare is a big industry, and we can have a great positive impact if we change the way we consume. In this blog we will explain the problems in this industry, expose you to the solution, and come up with some of our favourite brands to start your journey of having a eco friendly beauty routine!

go green with your beauty products
eco friendly beauty products for care routine

Eco friendly beauty product approach

Let’s have a closer look at why the beauty industry is unsustainable. From excessive packaging, to plastic pollution and unsustainable resource consumption, these factors have an enormous impact on the planet! Think about all plastic pollution, ocean chemical pollution, air pollution, animal cruelty, and deforestation as a result of consuming too many unsustainable beauty products. All of the above increase the risk of natural disasters and extreme weather events. Also, these products are often full of sulphates and other harmful chemicals that damage not only the environment but also your health!

So what makes beauty products eco friendly?

Looking at different factors, the best eco friendly beauty brands use nourishing plant-based, natural skin care ingredients and tackle plastic waste by using eco friendly containers like refillable glass jars and minimal compostable paper packaging.

Our favourite eco friendly beauty products!

Are you ready to change your life with these sustainable brands? At Club Leaf, we just love EcoRoots, Meow Meow Tweet, and Conscious Skincare! The companies are eco friendly and have the environment in mind while creating innovative products in the market. Whether it's Conscious Skincare's organic day cream, Meow Meow Tweet's 100% compostable deodorant sticks & lip balms, or EcoRoots zero-waste shaving kits - there is something for everyone. Check out these favourite brands today, and begin your journey towards an eco friendly lifestyle.

Do you want more eco friendly and go green tips? Then do check out our blog collection here. Do you want it on your phone too? Then download Club Leaf today ☑️💚

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