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Sustainable coffee

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

A good cup of coffee is essential ☕. Luckily we don’t need to compromise the pleasure it brings to our taste buds with the impact coffee has on the planet. Why? Because good coffee can also be environmentally friendly, taking into account the local communities that are growing your perfect coffee bean. Read all about sustainable coffee in this blog.

Sustainable food and sustainable coffee
Eco friendly coffee

Sustainable Coffee

Sustainable coffee consists of different components. Think for example about the price farmers get for the coffee bean, the impact of growing the coffee bean, and the economic impact coffee has for the country of origin. When purchasing your coffee, it’s worth paying extra attention to these different sustainable coffee indicators.


From an environmental perspective we want to grow coffee in the most biodiverse way possible. Farm management is key here, and when looking for sustainable coffee it is important to look that water use, soil conservation, and deforestation prevention are closely looked at.


Did you know, around 120 million people in the world rely on coffee production to sustain their livelihoods? However, millions of coffee farmers don’t earn enough to sustain themselves - in Ethiopia alone there are already 900.000 farmers that live below the poverty line. Look for coffee brands that give their farmers a fair share, and reward them the way they should be rewarded for all the love and hard work they put in for growing your coffee bean with such decency.


From all the coffee that is grown in the ‘coffee belt’ - an area around the equator where the world’s supply of coffee is grown - just a very small percentage is also roasted in these countries, which leads to an unfair distribution of profit. Roasting the coffee beans in the country of origin helps these economies grow by creating jobs and provides opportunities for the younger generations.

Sustainable Coffee Brand in the Highlight: Moyee Coffee

Luckily there are companies that are taking the lead in the area of sustainable coffee. Look at Moyee for instance. Their ‘FairChain’ model allows 50% of the profits to stay in the country of origin, compared to the industry average of 10%. In addition, their 559 farmers have earned a total of more than €400.000,- (and counting) which is exceptional! They provide yield and quality training to farmers and include them in their ‘living income program’. They are leading the way to a sustainable coffee industry, taking into account the planet, the local economies, and most importantly, the farmers who are making your coffee.

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