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Sustainable product design

Updated: Feb 15

Dutch Design week is every October here in the Netherlands. We were inspired by all the great eco-friendly designs so here are 5 sustainable product designs that can help you live a greener lifestyle!

sustainable product design
green product design

Sustainable and eco-friendly product designs we love

Eco-friendly chairs: the “statiegeldstoel” (deposit chair)

Made from recycled nylon, other office furniture material, fishnets and carpet, the “statiegeld stoel” or “deposit chair” is sustainable, repairable and completely recyclable. Even the injection molds for the chair are redesigned for recycled material! REX is the first Dutch deposit chair and can always be returned at local Circuform collection points for a guaranteed € 20,00 refund. Returned deposit chairs are checked, cleaned, repaired when necessary and re-sold, again with a deposit. Broken chairs are shredded into valuable raw material for new production of chairs. No wonder this eco-friendly product was one of the winners of the Dutch Design Awards!

Sustainable showers

Hydrao have made showering sustainably even easier with their sustainable and eco-friendly designed product. Their showerheads are not only water saving (by limiting the flow of water) but also save you water by changing the colour of the LEDs to show how much water you’ve used. Why not make it a full on disco and check out our Club Leaf Playlist for a 3 minute shower challenge!

Sustainable baking sheets

Sometimes simple is best. We love baking but hate the baking paper waste. This great baking sheet from Beewise is made of silicone and therefore hygienic and re-usable! Sustainable product design doesn’t need to be complex 😎

Water saving seats with Waterbank

Waterbank creates a great combo: a rainwater storage barrel combined with a bench! With a 210L storage AND possibility to add more benches - this sustainable product is scaleable for the hotter summers to come. Even better: it’s made from recycled materials and local wood.

Lampshades made from leftovers

We love these epic eco-friendly lampshades from Caracara Collective. Made from discarded orange peels from the juice industry and pine needles from old christmas trees, these lampshades are both stylish and sustainable. Even cooler - these lampshades are bound together using natural starches and resins AND they fit well with energy efficient LED lightbulbs. This is our favourite sustainable product design.

We love finding sustainable product designs that help us to live more sustainable life. See any cool things? Send them our way @clubleafworld on instagram! For more tips - download the Club Leaf app.

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