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Things you can do to save the planet

Updated: Feb 15

When it comes to climate change, everyone has a role to play. We need everyone to act together. Governments, businesses, environmental organisations, and you. Let’s get started with those things you can do to save the planet.

small things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint
small things you can do to save the planet

A small list of things that we all can do to start saving our planet 🌱

Measure your carbon footprint.

By measuring our carbon footprint, we can see that our actions have consequences, which in turn raises awareness about our responsibilities. Everyone’s carbon footprint is different. Start calculating yours now using free carbon footprint app and sow the seeds of your eco friendly life journey. A step towards a carbon neutral life!

carbon footprint app
calculate your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon emissions.

By knowing which parts of our carbon footprints have the most impact, it’s easier to know where to start and what actions will make the biggest difference. Not sure where to start? Get browsing and find tips to live greener or eco friendly made by fellow planet lovers around the globe. And download Club Leaf to start receiving Green Tips on your phone.

Compensate the carbon emission that’s left.

You can't always reduce your emissions. A carbon offset is a reduction in CO2 and other gas emissions. By offsetting our carbon footprint, we support projects that reduce CO2 sources, support CO2 sinks, and support better livelihoods; hence we have an immediate impact. Compensation also drives finance to these climate projects that would otherwise not get off the ground.

Track and share your climate impact.

By seeing the climate impact of our actions, we're motivated to continue. Because we follow and are inspired by each other’s behaviour. Climate action is socially contagious and helps others feel empowered to act. Make small sustainable changes today, create a climate impact and inspire people around you. Let’s harness the power of collective action, because we can save the planet faster and smarter together 🤗

“The final chapter is ours to write. We know what we need to do. What happens next is up to us” - David Attenborough

Get free bitesize tips on how to reduce your carbon emissions by downloading the Club Leaf app!

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