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Tips to live an eco-friendly life

Updated: Feb 15

Whether you’re an eco-warrior or just starting on your eco-friendly journey, every step is a step in the right direction. Here’s 5 eco-friendly lifestyle tips to help you take the next one!

tips on how to life an sustainable life
tips on how to life an eco-friendly life

Tip 1: Eat less meat

Did you know that you can save around 150 kg CO2e by doing just one meat-free day a week for a year? That’s the same as streaming more than 4000 hours of Netflix! You don’t have to switch to a 100% plant based lifestyle, but just reducing the amount of meat you eat or switching it up with plant-based alternatives, can already make a massive difference. Check out this great article from the Guardian to see which meat has the biggest impact in terms of climate, water and land (we’ll give you a hint, it’s red!). Why not keep meat as a treat and eat plant-based as the default?

Tip 2: Try plant-based dairy

Did you know that cheese on average has the same carbon footprint as chicken? This is hard for us to say (as a dutch company who loves cheese) but maybe it’s time to go easy on the Gouda and switch it up for some more eco-friendly mozzarella. The same goes for milk - you can save up to 2 kg CO2e per liter by switching to a plant-based alternative! Check out this great article from the Guardian to find out more.

Tip 3: Reduce your food waste

The number one solution we have to reduce our impact according to Project Drawdown? Reduce food waste. If you can reduce your food waste by 50% this year, that could save up to 605 kg CO2e – more than half a ton of carbon - that’s madly eco-friendly!

To save the planet, your time and your wallet, why not plan your meals? Check out what you can do with your leftover ingredients on the ‘love food, hate waste’ website. Or help your local restaurants too by downloading the “Too Good to Go app”!

Tip 4: Make smart swaps

Finish all those products in your bathroom and kitchen first - and when they’re done, give some eco-friendly alternatives a go! Like switching from liquid shampoo to shampoo bars, from kitchen towels to swedish dishcloths, and single-use to refillable sprays. Check out our instagram and freebie to find our favorites and a chance to win them!

Tip 5: Re-wild your backyard or balcony

It’s not all about CO2 emissions - there is less and less space for nature in our cities and gardens. Insects are declining at rapid speed. That’s why it’s good to make your garden as eco-friendly as possible by letting your lawn go wild, limiting mowing as much as possible to let wildflowers return, and planting many more. You’ll love it as much as the bees do!

Wanna do more? Why not go the extra mile and remove some of those tiles from your garden? It’ll help with the heat in the summer and make it easier for the water to drain into the soil. And while you’re at it - leave the leaves alone in the autumn 😎. They help put nutrients back into the soil for next year!

There are many more things you can do to live an eco-friendly life - check out our blog on 'how to live eco-friendly'. Want to stay in the loop? Download our app and check out our green tips.

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