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Veganuary 🥒🥕🍅

Updated: Feb 13

It’s Veganuary which means it’s the perfect timing to pick up your eco friendly lifestyle and start with a sustainable diet! But what actually is Veganuary? Veganuary is a sustainable lifestyle movement in which you eat a vegan diet throughout the entire month of January. Sounds challenging? We get it… However, there are so many benefits of eating plant-based, which makes trying out this new eco friendly lifestyle a fun, healthy, and exciting challenge!

time to pick up your eco friendly lifestyle during veganuary
veganuary for an eco friendly month

Learn new recipes

Have a plant-based meal and get creative with recipes you didn’t know before! There are so many new recipes to explore in the plant-based kitchen. Imagine exploring combinations of ingredients that you never thought possible! Low on inspiration? Elavegan has your back! Why not try out her vegan carrot soup for starters, mushroom bourguignon as main, and a vegan tiramisu for dessert! A 3-course dinner has never been so easy!

Share your meal with loved ones

What’s better than sharing your home-made food with loved ones? Not only will they be amazed by your fantastic cooking skills, you can also amplify your impact on the planet by making them more aware about your sustainable recipes. Fun fact: taking the time to calmly sit around the table and eating food with your loved ones puts your body in a rest-and-digest mode, which improves enzyme activity resulting in better digestion of the nutrients.

Improve your health

Plant-based recipes tend to be more healthy than traditional meat recipes as well! Of course it depends on what ingredients you use for your recipes, but if you use fresh, local ingredients, you will not only treat the planet, but also your body! During this Veganuary, try to get your produce from the local farmers market! Generally winter time is great for vegetables like parsnip, kale, brussel sprouts, and carrots!

We hope we gave some motivation on why you should start 2023 in a healthy way! We would love to know how your Veganuary is going, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our join our community via the Club Leaf app💚

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