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What's the story behind our branding?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We’ve had an overhaul on our style. It’s bright, it’s funky - and it’s got a message we want to share with our community. We do everything for a reason, read on to find out!

What’s the story behind our style?

From doom and gloom to optimism and joy

Look - we’re as fed up as you with all the bad news in the world. In a world filled with “doom and gloom” climate scenarios which give us eco-anxiety, we want to be a bright spark of optimism and joy. Who shows what’s possible, what’s already happening and where we can go - if we all work together.

It’s all thanks to Dave ❤️

Our graphics wiz Zuza was watching our fave hero Sir Dave’s (Attenborough) “our planet” documentary on Netflix when inspiration struck.

“ The program showcases the most beautiful spots on Earth while highlighting how climate change impacts all living creatures; it was truly inspirational. The stunning colour scheme and vivid gradients of such shots deeply influenced my whole design process.”

Inspired by the neons we find in nature

Most often, nature is showcased in earthy tones - and many other apps are bathed in sweet pastels and soft tones. That’s not us! Nature can be epic, jaw-dropping, unique. Think: the northern lights, coral reefs, volcanoes, autumn foliage, lava, butterflies, exceptional plants like the Rainbow Eucalyptus or the Marble Berry from Africa. Nature doesn’t have to be boring, and by connecting our design to these natural phenomena - we want to both stand out and show what we stand to lose if we don’t act right now, together.

Climate action doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s protect what we have and restore what we can, together. Download the app and join the Club Leaf Community today!

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